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Messenger Communication for Supply Chains

Truck driver communication using the Messenger Whatsapp

Truck driver communication and visibility are essential to successful road transport. This is what ZeKju is about.

With ZeKju, truck drivers and dispatchers can share information without having to install new apps or other software.

ZeKju builds on popular messengers like WhatsApp, Telegram and Viber. Drivers just choose their favourite messenger and benefit from value-adding features such as auto-translation, paperless proof-of-deliver transmission, and 1-click status setting.

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“It is clear and easy to use even for older drivers”

– Dispatcher of a Polish carrier

“It is very important that data privacy is taken seriously.”

– Dispatcher of a German carrier

“Thank you for the nice support. Talk to you soon”

– German driver

“The driver is satisfied, everything works smoothly and it does not require much involvement from him”

– Dispatcher of a Romanian carrier

“To sum it up, ZeKju is a big plus”

– Dispatcher of a Polish carrier

How successful supply chain communication works

Communication has never been easier!

Check our video to learn how drivers, dispatchers and supply chain managers benefit from ZeKju.

When it comes to flawless transport execution, three challenges prevail:

Error-prone communication:

The phone remains the #1 communication tool for drivers and dispatchers. The advantages of digitalization such as automatic translation remain unused.


Short-term subcontracting makes it difficult to achieve visibility coverage rates >60%. As a result, downstream process quality and customer satisfaction suffer.

Slow, paper-based document flow:

Drivers and dispatchers rely on paper documents. Consequently, payments are only issued days after the physical transport.

Designed to be truck drivers’ favorite communication tool


Maximum driver acceptance by using popular messengers

Hardware and app free:

No need to install any apps or buy new hardware

Spot market ready:

Truck drivers can onboard themselves in less than 30 seconds

Value-added services:

Smart status buttons and auto-translation of messages

Data privacy:

Encrypted, fully GDPR compliant service

Have we sparked your interest?

Dr. Hendrik Rosenboom

Co-Founder & Product Lead

Max-Alex. Borreck

Co-Founder & Sales/ Finance Lead

András Bisits

Customer Success Manager

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