A team of technology-first minded entrepreneurs

Our goal:
Establish a communication in road freight, which makes life easier for everyone involved

Jobs in road freight (e.g. truck driving and dispatching) are demanding jobs. There is never enough time to get all of the work done. That’s why cumbersome and ineffective communication is a pain in logistics.

We are determined to fix communication in road freight. Communication should be simple and convenient. In our experience, messengers are a great basis for that.

By adding logistics expertise and data privacy mindfulness, we created the easiest and most secure way to communicate in road transport.

The ZeKju leadership team

Dr. Hendrik Rosenboom

Co-Founder & Product Lead

Thorsten Stuke

Co-Founder & Senior Technical Advisor

Max-Alex. Borreck

Co-Founder & Sales/ Finance Lead

Anil Mujagic

Chief Technology Officer

“CQ” [pronounced: ZeKju] is a code used by CB radio operators to make a general call. The letters CQ are short for “seek you”. As many truckers are passionate radio operators, our name is a testimonial to the importance of road transport communication

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