Carrier – General

"My driver does not have a smartphone. Can I use ZeKju from the office?"

Your customer is looking for transport status as well as live location data. However, if the driver does not have a smartphone with him, you can set status updates in ZeKju.

"I have a telematics system in my trucks. Why do I have to use another system for GPS data collection?"

The data collected by your telematics system is not not connected to the Transport Management System (TMS) of your customers. So, whilst you can view the telematics data, your customer and the shipper cannot view this information

"What is ZeKju?"

ZeKju is a system that allows drivers to use their preferred messenger (e.g., WhatsApp, Telegram or Viber) to manage transports. In their messenger, they can update the transport status, share the transport location, ask for help and transmit pictures of transport documents.

"Does ZeKju support translation? If yes, which languages are covered?"

Yes! One of the key features of ZeKju is that is automatically translates all messages. So you can type messages in in your native language and drivers will see it in their preferred language. ZeKju covers all major European languages.

"Do I need an account to use ZeKju as subcontractor?"

No, You can open the plattform with the shared link you got via Email before the transport begin.

Carrier – Costs

"My driver does not have roaming enabled in Europe. What should he do?"

Since 15.06.2017 there is no more roaming within the European Union. So your driver doesn’t have to worry about being charged more for his mobile data than at home.
Since 01.07.2022, it is even the case that exactly the same billing rules must apply abroad in the EU as at home.
Source: https://www.bundesnetzagentur.de/DE/Vportal/TK/InternetTelefon/Roaming/start.html

"My driver is using his private phone. Does ZeKju consume much of his mobile data?"

No! ZeKju is designed to consume the least amount of data. WhatsApp conversations consume almost no data. ZeKju geo-tracking consumes less than 0.2 MB per hour. This is significantly less than Google Maps, for example. Even the transmission of an image usually consumes more data volume.

Carrier – Data privacy

"Is ZeKju fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) issued by the European union?

Yes. ZeKju has invested a lot in procedures and technology that ensures full data privacy regulation compliance. For more details, please click here https://www.zekju.com/DSEEN

"Is ZeKju tracking my drivers all the time?"

No! ZeKju only tracks transports not drivers! That means a) no personal data of drivers is stored after the completion of a transport and b) tracking is automatically terminated when the driver sets the transports status to finished.

"Does ZeKju use secure servers to process its data?"

ZeKju is exclusively working with trusted cloud service providers and runs its services on server located in the European Union.