ZeKju is driver communication + real-time visibility in one

It’s good to know where cargo is now. But it’s even more important to be able to act quickly when something goes wrong.

ZeKju combines driver communication and real-time visibility.

ZeKju delivers status messages, current location data and documents directly from the truck to enable digital workflows and paperless document management.

Truck drivers only need their standard messenger.


Auto translation of chats

Full TMS integration

Smart buttons & multiple choice menus

Document exchange

Saving up to 10 minutes of dispatchers’ time on
every transport:

  • Less check calls
  • Auto-translation already built in
  • Seamless shift handovers


Accelerated payment processes by processing delivery documents in real time


Increase customer satisfaction via real time incident management and paperless document trails


Improve driver safety:

  • No driver interaction while driving needed
  • Workflows to help drivers avoid fines
  • Inform drivers about safety issues


Status reporting

Data privacy compliance

Geolocation tracking

Spot market tracking enabled
Simply scan the transport-related QR code – done


Status reports complement the live tracking


Technical and legal framework according to the highest standards:

  • Data is only shared with authorized persons involved in the transport
  • The truck driver tracking ends automatically when the transport is completed
  • Verified GDPR compliance

Transport communication has never been easier!

Check out our intro video to learn how ZEKJU benefits drivers, dispatchers and supply chain managers.

Test ZeKju for yourself.
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